Free plan available

Increase Sales with Cross & Upsell, Bundle, Bulk Offers.

Offer location & placements

Product, Cart and Post-purchase Offers all in one App. Offers can be placed at any location on the page.

Stacked/Combined Discount

Let your customers use multiple Offers in a single order. The App automatically combines applied discounts.

Discounts on Cart Page

Increase Conversion Rates by showing the applied discounts and their savings on the Cart page.

About Offer‑Templates


The App does not require any liquid setup and can be installed and uninstalled without the risk of messing up the theme code.

Boost Profits

Use specific Offers to increase the average order value and boost your store's profits.

Multiple Offer Locations

Display Offers on the Product, Cart Page, and the Post Purchase Order page.

Offers can be triggered based on the customer's cart contents.

Stacked Discount Support

Allow your customers to make use of multiple Offers in a single order. The App avoids the one discount limit by automatically combining multiple discounts into one.

Show applied Discounts on the Cart page

The App displays the individual applied discounts and their saving on the Cart page.

Select from a library of pre-defined Offer Templates.

The App comes with a list of pre-defined templates for a fast and straightforward setup.

  • Discount Sale ( Buy shoes at 10% off )
  • Automatic Discount ( Your cart contains shoes, automatically get 10% off )
  • Cross-Sell ( Your cart contains shoes, would you like to add socks at 10% off? )
  • Up-Sell (Your cart contains an old model, would you rather buy the new model at 10% off?)
  • Buy X get Y ( Buy 2x shoes, get 1x socks at 50% off )
  • Bundle ( Buy shoes, trousers and shirt together for 10% off )
  • Bulk ( Buy at least 3 shirts to get 10% off )
  • Multi-Select ( Select all the socks you like and get 10% of each! )

Offer Designer

In-App Offer Designer with preview mode to create unique looking Offers that match your theme.

Analytics Tracking

The App shows detailed analytics for each Offer and calculates the additional generated revenue to track your return on investment.