Offer Templates Examples

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Increase Sales with Cross & Upsell, Bundle, Bulk Offers.

Each offer

  • can be shown on the product page, cart page or post purchase on the order status page.
  • can be shown embedded in the content or inside a popup.
  • can be applied automatically via an automatic discount.
  • can consist of one or more products. The offer can auto add all products or allow individual selection.
  • can have specific conditions like minimum order value or target specific customers.

Discount Sale

Show products at a discount

Automatic Discount

Automatically apply a discount if specific products are in the cart


Offer complementary products based on what the customer is buying

Cross-Sell Slider

Offer complementary products on the product page itself


Offer a higher value product when the customer adds a product to the cart or based on the customers cart contents (replaces the product)

Buy X get Y

Encourage customer to buy X product to get Y product a discount


Discount products when bought together


Discount products when a minimum quantity is reached


Offer multiple products at a discount and let customers select the ones they want