How to add Conditional logic and Price Add-Ons: Plane Ticket Demo Shopify product page (Product options and variants)

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Customizing product pages on Shopify can significantly enhance your customers' shopping experience, especially when dealing with complex products like plane tickets. By using conditional logic and price add-ons, you can offer a dynamic and tailored experience that caters to each customer's unique needs.

In this blog, we will guide you through setting up conditional logic and price add-ons for a plane ticket demo on your Shopify product page. You'll learn how to create product options and variants that respond to customer selections, ensuring they see only the relevant choices and accurate pricing as they customize their purchase. This approach not only simplifies the buying process but also helps in maximizing your sales by offering a more personalized shopping experience.

So let's delve into the process and explore how it works.

(You can also check out the demo product at the end of this blog.)

Steps to add Conditional logic and Price Add-Ons: Plane Ticket Demo - Shopify.

1. Install the App

2. Select a Template or add new product Option 

  • You can use a template to speed things up or create options from scratch.
  • Choose the product you want to customize. You can select a single product or multiple products.
  • In this example, we'll include various product options: a date picker for selecting departure, return, and birth dates, radio buttons for meal preferences, checkboxes for first-class meal add-ons, button swatches to choose flight class, text inputs for entering name and lastname, an upload feature for customers to upload their passport, and a multiline text box for adding flight notes or messages. 
  • You'll have the option to set advanced pricing for all product options, allowing you to assign prices accordingly. For instance, selecting first class will incur an additional charge of $1999, as illustrated in this example.

3. Create conditional logic

  • Conditional logic allows us to assign specific meals for each flight class. For example, different meals are available for each flight class.
  • We'll set up conditional logic for the three radio button product options. Customers will see options specific to their chosen flight class. For example, connect the economy button with the economy meal (radio button).
  • Similarly, for checkboxes, add-ons are available only for first class, so we'll connect first class with the first class extra meal option in the conditions.  

4. Enable Live Preview

  • In this specific example, there is no live preview available. However, if you wish to enable live preview for certain options, you can select "Enable Live Preview."

5. Activate and Save

  • Once everything looks good, save your changes.

And that's it! 

Now customers can choose their preferred flight class, and corresponding meal options are available accordingly. Additionally, selecting any add-ons will result in real-time price adjustments.

Happy selling!

Plane ticket

Example template to order a plane ticket. Uses conditional options and price add-ons.


Q: Can I adjust prices dynamically based on customer selections?
Yes, you can set advanced pricing for product options and variants. For instance, choosing first class may add an additional charge of $1999 to the base price of the plane ticket.

Q: What is conditional logic?
 Conditional logic allows you to display specific options based on customer selections. For example, different meal options are shown based on the flight class chosen by the customer.

Q: Do I need any coding skills to add this feature?
No coding skills are required. The Live Product Options App provides user-friendly tools to set up the feature without needing to write any code.

Q: What if I encounter issues while setting up the feature?
If you encounter any issues, you can refer to the app's support documentation or contact our customer support for assistance.