Cloud Order Export & Sync

Sync Orders to Google Sheets and Google Drive

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Automatic Order Sync

Automatically sync incoming Orders to Google Sheets. Update Sheet when Order data changes.

Custom Export Format

Choose Order Fields to Export. Add Columns for Line Item Properties and custom Options.

File Attachment Upload

Sync Order File Attachments into Google Drive folders.

Pricing 14-day free trial

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Cloud Order Export & Sync

Use Cloud-Lift Order Sync to export and sync your store's orders into Google Sheets and Google Drive.

Automatic order sync

Incoming orders are synced in real-time. No synchronization schedule setup required.

Order update sync

Orders can be automatically re-synced when the order data has changed. Sheet cells are updated with the new order data.

Order filters

Use order filters to select which orders are synced. Create multiple configs with different order filters to sync orders to selective locations on your Google Drive.

Custom folder structure

Use liquid template variables to create a folder structure for efficient order processing.

Order fields

Customize the standard Shopify Order CSV export format with additional order fields. Rename column headings and drag&drop the column order.

Line item properties export

Create columns to export specific Line item properties. The app analyzes your past orders to show a selection of used line item properties.

File attachments export

File links on the line item properties can be downloaded and synced to your Google Drive folder. Useful when the app is used in combination with other Upload Apps.