Library of example Templates that can be used as a starting point when building your product using Cloudlift Apps.

T-Shirt with image and text

Create a custom t-shirt with our template that lets customers choose from pre-made designs or upload their own design, add text, and see a live preview of their creation.

Plane ticket

Example template to order a plane ticket. Uses conditional options and price add-ons.

Pendant with image upload and text engraving

Example template that uses the gallery multi view feature. The front view allows customer to upload an image and crop it live in the preview. The back view shows the text engraving.

T-Shirt with interactive text and upload

Create a fully interactive T-shirt product with our template that allows customers to personalize their design experience. Customers can change text and upload images to specific areas of the T-shirt, resize and position their designs, and select custom fonts and colors for their text. They can see a live preview of their changes in real-time, ensuring their design is perfect before proceeding to checkout.

Upload DTF custom dimension

This template updates dimension inputs based on uploaded image dimensions and uses the Price Formula extension to calculate a price per square meter. Customers can upload their design, adjust dimensions, and see the price change in real time and you can charge based on design size.

Phone case with image upload

Example template with a phone case product where the customer can upload an image and crop it live in the preview to fit the shape of the case.

Shoe colorize

Example template with a shoe where parts of it can be selectively colorized

Product image upload

Example template to show a customer upload at the location of the product image.

Mask shapes image upload

Example template to show how to apply masks to crop images into shapes by using custom SVG masks or PNG overlays.