How to build a T-Shirt with image and text on Shopify product page (Product options and variants)

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Are you looking to offer a personalized shopping experience for your customers on Shopify? Imagine letting your customers create custom t-shirts by choosing from pre-made designs or uploading their own artwork, adding personalized text, and seeing a live preview of their creation right on your product page. This level of customization not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts your store’s appeal.

 In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to build a custom t-shirt feature on your Shopify product page, ensuring a seamless and interactive experience for your shoppers. Let's dive in and see how you can elevate your store with this engaging feature!

Steps to Create a T-Shirt with Text and Image.

1. Install the App

2. Select a Template or add new product Option 

  • You can use a template to speed things up or create options from scratch.
  • Choose the T-shirt (or any other product) you want to customize. You can select a single product or multiple products.
  • Add options for customers to personalize their T-shirt. Include text fields for custom text, file upload fields for images, and image swatches for pre-made designs.

3. Create conditioner logic

  • We're going to set up conditional logic here. We have two button swatches: one for pre-made designs and another for uploading a design. We need to ensure that when a customer clicks on the pre-made designs option, the image swatches are displayed, and when they click on the upload design option, the upload feature appears.

4. Enable Live Preview

  • Enable the live preview feature in the app settings. Select the areas where you want customers to place their design and text.

5. Activate and Save

  • Once everything looks good, activate the custom options and save your changes.

And that's it! Now your customers can create their own personalized T-shirts with ease, seeing their designs come to life in real time. This not only enhances their shopping experience but also helps increase your sales. You can also try the template below.

Happy selling!

T-Shirt with image and text

Create a custom t-shirt with our template that lets customers choose from pre-made designs or upload their own design, add text, and see a live preview of their creation.


Q: Can customers see a preview of their customized T-shirt before purchasing?
Yes, customers can see real-time changes to text and uploaded images on the T-shirt, ensuring their design is perfect before checking out.

Q: Can customers upload their own images to be printed on the T-shirt?
Absolutely! Customers can easily upload their images and see how they look on the T-shirt. They can also resize, reposition, and add text to create a unique design.

Q: How do I ensure that the correct options appear when a customer makes a selection?
To ensure the correct options appear, set up conditional logic in the app. Create button swatches for pre-made designs and for uploading a design. Configure the logic so that when a customer clicks on the pre-made designs option, the image swatches are displayed, and when they click on the upload design option, the upload feature appears. This makes the customization process smooth and intuitive for customers.

Q: Can I customize multiple products at once using this app?
Yes, you can customize multiple products at once. During the setup process, you can choose to apply the custom options to a single product or select multiple products that you want to customize.

Q: How can I ensure the quality of the uploaded Image by a customer and where can I find it?
The quality of the uploaded images remains unchanged and can be accessed in a dedicated folder within the app.